Tennis Pro Ana Ivanovic Shares Her On-Court Essentials

Style tips and skin essentials from tennis pro Ana Ivanovic

Tennis Pro Ana Ivanovic Shares Her On-Court Essentials

We caught up with 27-year-old Serbian tennis pro Ana Ivanovic as she packed her bags after an unexpected first round departure from the U.S. Open. The former French Open champion recently took on a new role as Global Beauty Ambassador for Shiseido WetForce Sun Protection‘a fitting partnership considering she spends so much time in the sun. Read on for some of her must-haves on and off the court.

BH: What designers are you really into right now, and what do you look for when choosing an outfit for a special event versus something more casual?
Ana: I’ve worn a lot of Matthew Williamson dresses recently, which are always beautiful. For events, I love Erdem and Roksanda Ilincic. Roksanda is Serbian and creates such beautiful, feminine pieces. When it comes to casual clothes, I wear a mixture of brands, but I love Rag & Bone. I’m also a big fan of accessories because I think they can really make a look feel complete.

BH: What about when you’re playing?
Ana: I definitely prefer dresses for comfort.

BH: Training long hours outdoors can be tough on your body and your skin‘what do you keep stocked to help you cope?
Ana: I’m in the sun every day so sunscreen is definitely a part of my routine, both when I train and when I play a match. I spend at least a month of the year training in the Australian summer, so when the sun is at its strongest and, nowadays, hardly any tournaments take place inside, the sun exposure is constant. I like Shiseido’s Wetforce Ultra Sun Protection Lotion.

BH: What other beauty essentials do you like to keep on hand while travelling?
Ana: The Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is incredible, and their lipsticks are so light too, so I love wearing those.

BH: How do you usually like to unwind post-match?
Ana: On the court I give it my all, I fight and I don’t give up, but it’s important to have balance and allow myself time to recover afterwards too. I usually just listen to music;  it’s hard to read or focus on anything after a match.

BH: If you weren’t a tennis player, what other career can you see yourself having?
Ana: If I weren’t a tennis player, I would love to be a CIA agent because I love mystery!

BH: What other physical activities do you really enjoy outside of tennis?
Ana: My dad and brother played basketball, and I have the height for it, but no other sport really excites me as much as tennis.