“We Won Gold At The World Women’s Curling Championships”

What does it take for a team of women to achieve the highest-level goal? Friendship and an appreciation for practice, practice, practice.

Team Canada Curling Rachel Homan, Emma Miskew, Joanne Courtney and Lisa Weagle.jpg

Imagine being the best in the world – like these ladies

Every athlete has a goal – and that is to win. All of the training, practicing and strategizing is about getting that medal. Preferably in gold, of course. And for curler athletes Rachel Homan, Emma Miskew, Joanne Courtney and Lisa Weagle, it was no longer a goal or even a dream, but a reality. In March 2017, the team gold at the World Women’s Curling Championship. It was the first time in nine years that Canada competed at this event.

“Representing Canada on the world stage is always a great honour, and in curling it also comes with great expectations,” says Homan. “We went to Beijing with the goal of playing well against a tough field in a season when everyone is preparing for the Olympics.”

Here is how these ladies achieved their #BHmoment, winning gold and setting their eyes on the 2017 Olympics.

Why they had their eyes on the prize

“We set a goal a few years ago to become the best in the world,” says Courtney. “We have worked hard and sacrificed a lot to get to this level. We ensure we’re always supporting each other both on and off the ice and demonstrating a healthy lifestyle off the ice.”

And Miskew adds this: “It’s also important to us to have a good support team and work to be professional ambassadors of the game to ensure the sport continues to grow and develop.”

The strategy to achieve a goal at this level

Practice like you want to play,” says Weagle. “When you go out to practice your sport have a plan, stick to it. For us we’re never just going out to throw rocks and instead we’re going out to practice and learn from every moment we’re out there.”

Any advice to share

Live a balanced life,” says Homan. “Find time for that balance with family and friends between events but know when you need the time for yourself to recover and prepare.”

Life after gold is pretty golden

“It’s an unbelievable thrill to wear the [Team Canada] maple leaf, and every time we get that chance we feel our lives ges more exciting,” says Courtney. “We try to learn from every event and make our country and fans proud. Our fans have been awesome through this run and we hope to always make them proud going forward.” Homan adds: “A lot of times we feed off their excitement. […] We always want to be getting better.”