5 Supplements That Can Seriously Benefit Every Woman

From omega-3 fatty acids to B complex, these supplements can help women sleep better, stress less, and feel good.

5 Supplements Every Woman Needs
Photo Credit: Geoffrey Ross

Wondering what supplements you should be popping? Wonder no more. Dr. Sara Celik, a naturopathic doctor and spokesperson for Renew Life Canada, shares her top picks. (Also, check out how to take supplements safely.)

1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3s offer so many benefits, such as cardiovascular health, brain development and anti-inflammatory benefits. (Here are more ways to get your Omega-3s.)

Try: New Roots Herbal Wild Omega 3, $32; well.ca

2. Probiotics

Probiotics are essential for digestive health. With optimal digestion, you’re absorbing more nutrients from your diet, which leads to more energy and better hair, skin and nails. Also, you’re supporting your immune system because 70 percent of it is located in the gut.

Try: Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic Plus Immune Support, $27; well.ca

3. Adrenal Support Supplement

With busy, stressful lifestyles becoming the norm, adrenal glands can really use this additional support to help you manage stress, sleep better and have more energy.

Try: Himalaya Ashwagandha, $22, amazon.ca

4. B Complex

Many of the health concerns I see women struggle with, including stress, low energy levels, hormone imbalance and skin health, are reduced with these vitamins. Vitamin B6 is especially helpful for managing acne.

Try: Jamieson B Complex 100, $19; walmart.ca

5. Fibre

Eating more fibre helps flush out excess estrogen through the stool, which is important because many women struggle with estrogen dominance. It also helps balance blood sugar, regulate appetite, reduce cravings and boost weight loss. What’s more, it feeds the friendly bacteria in the intestines to enhance essential gut health.

Try: Renew Life Fibresmart (Capsules), $20; well.ca

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada