8 Essentials to Keep You Warm and Dry This Winter

To make it a little easier to step out the front door, we rounded up eight winter wardrobe heroes designed to help you battle the elements.

Despite rain, sleet or flurries, getting outside is good for us. How good? Check out these health benefits:

  • Cooler temps can be as therapeutic as icing an injury. Researchers at the National Institute of Sport, Expertise, and Performance in Paris found that the best recovery for seasoned trail runners is cold immersion—it can help reduce inflammation, relieving pain, redness and swelling. Whole-body cryotherapy, with temperatures as low as –110 degrees Celsius, was more effective than anything else they tried.
  • Winter weather can also help you with cognitive flexibility and focus: A study of 60 university students found they were better able to reply to metaphorical statements in colder conditions than warmer ones, suggesting low temps can help you brew up abstract ideas. (Warmer weather was better for artistic creativity.)
  • If you have a racing mind, take a walk in the rain. Some people find listening to the steady pitter-patter of the raindrops—a form of pink noise—helps soothe anxious thoughts.

Here’s what you need to make your outdoor journey as enjoyable as possible:

cold weather gear | Best Health The Goods | rain jacketPhotography: Kate Ince | Styling: Chad Burton

A Waterproof Topper

This Canadian-designed canary-yellow poncho will add a pop of cheer to grey fall days. It’s cut from a lightweight, durable and water-repellent fabric, and is roomy while still looking chic. Plus, it has an oversize hood and large front pockets to keep your hair dry, hands warm and phone close by.

Hydra Unisex Performance Poncho, $875, nobis.com

cold weather gear | Best Health The Goods | warm fleece layerPhotography: Kate Ince | Styling: Chad Burton

A Warm Layer

Unpredictable fall weather calls for an outfit of layers. This fleece will keep you comfortable on a chilly morning commute or crisp evening dog walk.

Quilted Sherpa Jacket, $55, oldnavy.gapcanada.ca; Water-repellent Padded Earflap Cap, $30, hm.com; 90s Silk Slip Dress Black Lost Flowers, from USD $290, silklaundry.com; Bloom necklace, $185, vimeria.co

cold weather gear | Best Health The Goods | fanny packPhotography: Kate Ince | Styling: Chad Burton

A Smart Fanny Pack

This eco-friendly running belt, aka fanny pack, is made from recycled plastic bottles and features a clear protective window that provides touch-screen access to your device.

Life Sports Gear Eco Sky Running Belt, $30, altitude-sports.com; Seamless Sports Top, $35, hm.com; Cargo Super-High-Rise Hiking Tight, $148, lululemon.com

cold weather gear | Best Health The Goods | lululemon pantsPhotography: Kate Ince | Styling: Chad Burton

All-Season Pants

Meet your new fave bottoms, designed to keep you dry and warm. The water-repellent fabric will shield you from the rain and they’re made to be layered over wool leggings to protect from cold flurries. Come warmer days, they can zip off into shorts to keep things breezy.

Convertible High-Rise Hiking Jogger, $198, lululemon.com; Double-Breasted Corduroy Blazer, USD $250, cos.com; Lyle Turtleneck, $220, elliemaestudios.com

cold weather gear | Best Health The Goods | adidas running shoesPhotography: Kate Ince | Styling: Chad Burton

All-Weather Running Shoes

This footwear choice will work whether you’re hiking up a mountain or marching through the city. They’re made from a soft and stretchy waterproof GORE-TEX, and they boast a grippy sole and sock-like shape to keep ankles stabilized on
gravel trails or icy days.

Terrex Free Hiker Shoe $300, adidas.com; CanadaState XL Bunny Coat, $875, mooseknuckles canada.com

cold weather gear | Best Health The Goods | hunter bootsPhotography: Kate Ince | Styling: Chad Burton

Warm, Waterproof Footwear

Take on winter’s blizzards like a champ with these tall, slouchy snow boots. They’re lined with insulating fleece and feature a chunky, waterproof rubber base for navigating slushy sidewalks.

Hunter Women’s Wanderer Insulated Tall Slouch Snow Boots, $265, hunterboots.com; Ellie Mae Nelson Blazer, $890, elliemaestudios.com; Ellie Mae Novak Skirt, $380, elliemaestudios.com

cold weather gear | Best Health The Goods | winter coatPhotography: Kate Ince | Styling: Chad Burton

A (Super) Cold-Weather Coat

Absolutely frigid days call for this super-insulated made-in-Montreal puffy coat guaranteed to keep you warm at -25°C, with ethically sourced down from Hutterite ducks. Gathered cuffs seal in the warmth and the zippers on either side make it a little easier to move around.

Kiruna Winter Jacket, $1200, kanuk.com; Knit Straight Skirt, Kangaroo Stripe, USD $460, silklaundry.com

cold weather gear | Best Health The Goods | mooseknuckles hatPhotography: Kate Ince | Styling: Chad Burton

A Practical Hat

When the snow is coming down fast and furious, you need a hat with a wide brim to keep the flakes out of your eyes. This bucket hat has been winterized by Canadian brand Moose Knuckles with fuzzy sherpa fabric to keep you warm and protected.

Cobble Bucket Hat, $150, mooseknucklescanada.com; Gia Silk Blouse, $440, elliemaestudios.com; Nova Overalls, $590, elliemaestudios.com; Flow rings, $95-115, vimeria.co 

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada