Quiz: What’s your sleep style?

Before you can improve your sleeping habits, you need to determine what they are. Take our quiz to find your sleep style

Quiz: What's your sleep style?

Source: Sleep to Be Sexy, Smart and Slim, Reader’s Digest

With so much sleep advice out there, you’re probably wondering what to read first. Before you can make sense of sleep strategies, you need to understand what kind of sleeper you are. Philadelphia psychologist Suzanne Zoglio has developed a quiz that will help you determine your sleep style. Once you know your type, you can decide which actions to take next.

Find your sleep style

Read each statement that follows and decide how frequently it is true for you. Take stock of your answers using the scoring guide below and then put it all together and find your style. Are you a Comfort Queen? A Strong Starter? Other? Let’s find out.


Always = 4
Often = 3
Seldom = 2
Never = 0

The One-Minute Sleep Quiz

1. When others are talking, your mind wanders off.
2. You make the same resolutions over and over.
3. If you get a headache, you don’t hesitate to take an aspirin ASAP.
4. If you could wear your slippers to work, you would.
5. "I don’t have the time" could be your mantra.
6. You are a champion multitasker.
7. After a hard day a glass of wine is your favorite relaxer.
8. You could happily sit on a beach for an hour or more.
9. You want to change something but can’t seem to make it happen.
10. If you lose a button, a safety pin will do’Ķfor the life of the jacket.
11. People often ask you for help.
12. If stuck in traffic, you’re likely to listen to music or daydream.
13. A hotel room with a feather bed is your kind of place.
14. You wish you had someone to advise and encourage you.
15. A lavender-scented candle would be a perfect gift for you.

Your quiz results

A. Total your responses to items 2, 9, and 14. This is your Strong Starter score:
B. Total your responses to items 3, 7, and 10. This is your Quick Fixer score:
C. Total your responses to items 4, 13, and 15. This is your Comfort Queen score:
D. Total your responses to items 1, 8, and 12. This is your Daydreamer score:
E. Total your responses to items 5, 6, and 11. This is your BlackBerry Babe score:

Now, using your highest score(s), read the matching style description(s) below.

‘ A. Strong Starter. You want to grow, regularly get psyched for change, but lose steam before you meet your goals. Not quite sure why you can’t stick to a plan, you’d probably welcome some sound advice and some encouragement. Check out the sleep strategies involving doctors and/or professional advice first.

‘ B. Quick Fixer. Practical and impatient with a low tolerance for suffering, you are likely to try anything that’s fast, simple, and yields quick results, even if they are short term. Sleep strategies you should consider first include sleep medication, waking at the same time every day, and low-fat cookies before bed.

‘ C. Comfort Queen. If it feels good, smells good, or tastes good, bring it on! You can luxuriate for an hour in a warm bubble bath but you wouldn’t be caught dead in a cold, smelly gym. The sleep strategies that will get you started include ones that modify your environment, silk sheets, hot soaks, and cool socks to start.

‘ D. Daydreamer. While others need to be physically moving, actively engaged, or entertained, you seem quite comfortable alone with your thoughts. Patient, calm, and introspective, you’re likely to find the serene sleep strategies, like mental imagery, prayer, and meditation, to be just your cup of tea.

‘ E. BlackBerry Babe. With the middle name "24/7," what can you expect? You’re amazing, and everyone knows it. You’re never out of contact, seldom say no, and regularly suffer from a mind in overdrive. For you sleep remedies begin with setting boundaries, managing electronics, online therapy, and clarifying your priorities.