How Princess Kate Doesn’t Let Morning Sickness Affect Her Social Duties

We are all busy, and we don’t have time to let getting sick get in the way. But sometimes you have to rest. And if you’re Kate, you dance.

Duchess Kate dealing with morning sickness of her third childphoto credit: shutterstock

Kate Middleton surprises everyone by showing up to an event, despite having morning sickness

Despite experiencing morning sickness, the pregnant Kate Middleton danced up a storm with everyone childhood fave Paddington Bear. The charming little dance happened when Middleton unexpectedly attended a charity event with Prince William and Prince Harry at the train station in London named after the beloved storybook character.

Alongside kids from charities they support, Middleton and the princes spent time with Paddington at the event, which benefits charities including Place2Be, East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices, Anna Freud National Centre for children and Families on board the Belmond British Pullman Train, according to People.

Since it was announced that she is expecting their third child, Middleton has been largely out of the public eye as she has been suffering from acute morning sickness, otherwise known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum. As she danced at the station and was twirled by Paddington Bear, though, you couldn’t tell she’s feeling less than 100 per cent.

Morning sickness solutions

Perhaps Middleton found a natural remedy to help her feel more herself.

Yes, that queasy feeling of morning sickness is something you can find some natural relief for. There are a number of herbal teas that may help soothe your symptoms, to start.

And while “spicy” might seem the opposite you want if your stomach is feeling unsettled, there are a few spices that can help calm your upset stomach, such as anise.

And that nausea? Upping your vitamin B6 can help ease those symptoms, however, do check with your doctor first before increasing your B6 intake when you’re expecting.

You could also go with the tried and true remedy you’ve likely resorted to before you were pregnant and felt queasy: Drinking flat ginger ale.

Of course, expectant moms experience more than just morning sickness.

There are a slew of new and uncomfortable things going on with your body (think swollen feet and back pain, for example), but there are also ways to ease some of those discomforts of pregnancy.

If it’s your weight you’re concerned about, this is part of a healthy pregnancy but most women gain an average of 25 to 35 pounds when pregnant, but your doctor can speak to if your weight is healthy for the stage you are at.

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