Our best healthy dessert recipes

You can have your cake and eat it too when you whip up your own healthy desserts packed with fresh, nutrient-rich ingredients. Satisfy your sweet tooth guilt free with these yummy healthy dessert recipes

Our best healthy dessert recipes

Source: Web exclusive: August 2009

Rhubarb and Berry Crisp
When berries aren’t in season, choose frozen varieties such as strawberries, blueberries or raspberries to give this crisp a fresh taste.

Toasted Almond Meringue Cloud
These almond meringues taste decadent, but are actually low in fat and calories.

Dairy-Free Chocolate Mousse
Cutting out dairy doesn’t have to mean cutting out delicious, decadent desserts.

Dried Fruit and Apple Strudel
Phyllo pastry may seem decadent, but this is a great way to get healthy dried fruits, nuts and spices into your day’think of it as a healthy treat.

Almond-Orange-Cardamom Cookies
These nutty cookies are packed with heart-healthy almonds and delicately flavoured with orange and cardamom.

Vegan and Dairy-Free Fig and Raspberry Rice Pudding
A warm and luscious fig and raspberry compote tops this cinnamon and lemon infused rice pudding for the perfect dairy-free and vegan after-dinner treat.

Matcha Green Tea Torte
Satisfy your craving for creamy cheesecake without eating fatty dairy with this green tea torte recipe, perfect for raw-food enthusiasts or anyone sensitive to milk products.

Flambéed Apple and Walnut Salad
This delicious cold-weather dessert of flambéed apple and walnuts is still light on calories.

Whole Grain Crusted Apple Pie
Even when you’re baking a treat you can make healthy choices. This apple pie is full of whole grain goodness, and as an added bonus you’ll find that the oat and whole wheat crust is easier to make than a normal pie crust.

Chocolate Raspberry Brownie Bites
Don’t feel guilty about indulging in these bite-size chocolate raspberry brownies’the applesauce keeps them moist without any added fat. They freeze well and are great for take-along snacks or for a dessert tray.

Vegan Apricot Creme Brulee
You can make this vegan apricot creme brulee dessert well ahead, but caramelize the sugar topping just before you serve it. Professionals use a blow torch to get the perfect sugar crust, but the broiler in your oven works nearly as well.

Dairy-Free Chocolate Birthday Cake
For this ever-so-satisfying chocolate birthday cake, use the best bittersweet chocolate you can find. To keep the cake dairy-free, read the ingredient list carefully to make sure it doesn’t contain any milk solids.

Chocolate Banana Brownies
There is quite a lot of fruit in these easy chocolate brownies: bananas, prune puree and dried cherries.

Ginger Nut Cookies
Here’s a healthier, less-fatty version of a traditional favourite cookie. Bake simple round cookies, or use fancy cutters and encourage children to stamp out gingerbread figures and shapes. Whatever the shape, these spicy, crunchy ginger nut cookies taste terrific.

Carrot Cake with Light Cream Cheese Icing
Go ahead, take another bite. This carrot cake with light cream cheese icing is delicious, and really good for you! Each bite provides beta carotene, which helps protect your heart.

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