News: Study reveals which foods make us fat

Allowing yourself to eat any type of food in moderation may not be the way to weight-loss success after all.


Allowing yourself to eat any type of food in moderation may not be the way to weight-loss success after all. According to new research, there most definitely are good foods, which should be eaten more often, and bad foods, which should be avoided as much as possible in order to limit weight gain.

And the results of the study mean bad news for french fry and potato chip lovers, reports the New York Times. These two popular snacks led in the list of foods which cause weight gain. French fries were number one, linked to an average weight gain of 3.4 pounds over a four-year period. Potato chips were second with an average weight gain of 1.7 pounds, while sugar-sweetened drinks were linked to an average weight gain of one pound per four-year period. Red and processed meats, other forms of potatoes, sweets and desserts, refined grains, other fried foods, 100-percent fruit juice and butter were also linked to weight gain.

The study, conducted by nutrition and public health experts at Harvard University, monitored the eating habits and weight of participants over a 12 to 20 year period. With participants gaining an average of a pound a year, the study found the type of foods eaten to have the greatest effect on weight. Those participants who ate more bad foods gained weight, whether they increased exercise or not.

Those foods which resulted in weight loss (or at least no weight gain) when consumed more often were fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Dairy products were found to have a neutral effect on weight, whether low-fat or full-fat.

While it’s probably not news to you that french fries, potato chips and pop aren’t good for you’re waistline, the study puts it into perspective just how much weight may be gained by regularly consuming these foods.

I’m guilty of indulging in fried foods more than I should, but knowing that this habit could result in gaining an extra pound per year’regardless of how hard I work at the gym‘will make me seriously reconsider my future indulgences.

Will you watch what you eat more closely now, knowing that you won’t necessarily be able to make up for it with an extra long gym session?

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