What to keep in a natural first-aid kit

Looking to fill your first aid kit with some natural products? Naturopathic doctor Debbie Smrz can help

What to keep in a natural first-aid kit

Source: Best Health magazine, Summer 2014

Debbie Smrz, a naturopathic doctor in Unionville, Ont., began selling a Natural Medicine First Aid Kit in 2013, after her then-six-year-old daughter Samantha suffered burns from a spilled cup of coffee. Samantha got immediate medical care at the hospital; after that, Smrz treated her burns with Medihoney, medical-grade manuka honey (a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory that has been shown in a small study to reduce healing time by 40 days compared to conventional wound treatment). ‘When we went to the plastic surgeon’s clinic for follow-up care, the nurse said, ‘Wow, you should make kits because I’ve never seen such a fast recovery before,’ and that was my light-bulb moment,’ says Smrz.

Today, in addition to the standard gloves and bandages, her kits (from $40 at natmedkit.com) contain medical-grade honey, arnica cream for bruising and swelling, and homeopathic medicines for insect bites and puncture wounds.

Of course, always seek immediate professional medical care in emergencies.

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