Move over quinoa! Kañiwa is the next big thing

This tiny, versatile seed packs more protein than quinoa. Here’s how to enjoy kañiwa

Move over quinoa! Kañiwa is the next big thing

Source: Best Health magazine, Summer 2014

Also known as ‘baby quinoa,’ kañiwa (pronounced kan-yi-wa) is a small cousin of quinoa. Both are gluten-free, vegan and an excellent source of amino acids and protein. In fact, kañiwa packs a little more protein than quinoa (15 grams per 100-gram portion, compared to 13 grams). Red in colour and with a crunchy texture, kañiwa, available at health food stores, is also slightly sweeter. It’s quick and easy to cook; enjoy it the same way you would quinoa.

Try this recipe for Kañiwa Salad from GoGo Quinoa.

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