Spider-Man: Homecoming Star Laura Harrier Takes Care Of Herself With A 360-Degree Program

Laura Harrier’s prep for Spider-Man: Homecoming isn’t just about looking good. The actress takes care of herself from the inside-out.

laura harrier spider-man training, Laura Harrier on the red carpet for the Spider-Man moviephoto credit: shutterstock

Whether you’re playing the lead or a supporting character, getting in shape for a superhero movie is no easy feat — just ask Laura Harrier.

To prepare for her role in Spider-Man: Homecoming, the actress (and model) had to get her workout routine, her skin care regimen and her mental health in order.

Between intense boxing workouts at NYC’s Dogpound and regularly making time for a pottery class to maintain her mental health, getting ready for the rise to stardom takes dedication. Harrier is pretty much on the brink of becoming a household name, something that’s bound to stress anyone out—even a 26-year-old model who’s relatively used to being in the spotlight.

The soon-to-be superstar says that the ceramic classes are a calming meditative act,” and that they help keep her sane in between jobs (describing the waiting as “torture”). Harrier also says that the classes remind her that we’re all “connected to the earth” and that they make her feel better about life and the future.

Laura Harrier Spider-man, the actress at a clay studiophoto credit: instagram

But the up-and-coming actress knows it’s just as important to focus on her physical health as well as her mental health, which is why she’s enlisted the help of some of the most sought-after trainers in New York City to help her get in shape for the runway and the big screen.

laura harrier training dogpound, the actress poses in a boxing ring with glovesphoto credit: instagram

If you haven’t heard of the Dogpound, you probably haven’t been on Instagram lately. The all-black studio space offers guerilla-style workouts to some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Besides Harrier, supermodels Ashley Graham and Josephine Skriver, photographer Nigel Barker and actor Hugh Jackman all are known to work out at Dogpound.

And when your face is about to be everywhere, you want to make sure your skin is looking its best, which is why Harrier has revamped her skin care routine making it almost 100 per cent organic. Earlier this year, she told Vogue she’s not “100 per cent [organic]” but is “trying to get as close to it as possible because I don’t want a bunch of chemicals leaking into my skin.”

While working to clean up her skin care routine, Harrier found a secret weapon: Raw manuka honey. The actress now swears by it, saying her skin has “never been better.”

Hey, if it works for this soon-to-be style icon, it can surely work for us.

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