Meet The Sports Bra That’ll Help Improve Your High-Intensity Workouts

Your breasts will thank you.

Knix, sports braPhoto Credit: Knix

There’s something to be said for developing a high-impact sports bra that can support your “girls” to the max — and Knixwear has done just that. After three years in development, tested by three different university partners, 23 rounds of design sketches, and 42 prototypes, in late September Knix launched the Catalyst: a wireless high-impact sports bra designed to transform how a woman feels before, during and after her high-intensity workout.

Tested against 800 other sports bras (including four of the world’s top leading brands), the Catalyst showed a 76 percent reduction in “bounce rate.” In a nutshell, this high-impact sports bra exhibits a considerably larger reduction in breast movement than any other on the market today, according to Knix.

Another significant feature: extended sizing. Known for being an inclusive brand that targets women of all body shapes, this sports bra comes in an array of sizes — from a 32A to a 42G!

From its adjustable ladder straps and performance molded cups, to its Tri-Flo ventilation to increase breathability between breasts, I couldn’t wait to test this boob-saviour for myself. (These are the 5 signs you’re wearing the absolute wrong sports bra.)

Would I recommend the Knix Catalyst sports bra?

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to test-drive the Catalyst sports bra alongside a variety of media and influencers, as well as Knix founder and CEO, Joanna Griffiths.

Put through a high-intensity circuit workout, led by a few of Canada’s fiercest female Olympians (Phylicia George, Karen Cockburn and Tessa Bonhomme), my Catalyst was definitely put to the test. As I tested my limits through sprints, a mini-trampoline session, and resistance band and weighted-ball exercises, I forgot I was even wearing a sports bra. I couldn’t believe how quickly the fabric seemed to morph to my body; with every single movement, I was able to move freely and comfortably without feeling held back.

What I loved the most about the Catalyst sports bra? How easy it was to remove. There was no fight to shimmy it up and over my head — but instead, with just one reach behind my back to unhook its ergonomic clasps, it dropped with ease from my breasts.

But if I’m being honest, I do have one concern.

My bra size runs from a 32A-B. So naturally, I wore the smallest size offered: size 1, which caters to a 32A, 34A, and a 32B. I found that my breasts didn’t quite fill out the cups; there was still a gap between the fabric and the forefront of my breast tissue. But even though the sports bra didn’t quite suit my breasts to a tee, they still felt very supported and in control throughout the entire workout.

In conclusion: The bra wasn’t exactly an ideal fit for a small-chested lady like myself. But those with larger breasts who’ve long been looking for that supportive workout partner will have finally met their match.

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KnixPhoto Credit: Knix