Granny smith apple

Chicken Burgers with Tropical Fruit Salsa

There's no need to give up burgers just because you're on a heart-smart diet. These juicy chicken burgers, topped with a Caribbean-inspired tropical fruit salsa, are absolutely delicious. Complete the meal with oven-baked chips.

Healthy Broccoli, Cranberry & Almond Salad

I like to blanch the broccoli for this recipe to remove a bit of the crunch 'just plunge the florets...


This tangy, colourful salad isn't your traditional picnic coleslaw. The cumin and cilantro add some unexpected flavours

Apple and Cranberry Cake Topped with Hazelnuts and Pecans

This moist apple cake is ideal for brunch or as a snack. Granny Smith apples are a perfect choice for...

Turkey, Brie and Apple Sandwich on Raisin-Walnut Bread

Elevate your turkey deli meat with this delicious recipe.

Apple, Turkey and Cheddar Grillers

Thin slices of Granny Smith apple, layers of turkey and cheddar cheese make a wholesome and delicious meal great for...