diluted salt-reduced or homemade beef stock

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Lamb and eggplant curry

A spicy, high-fibre and very satisfying curry that combines lots of vegetables with lean, tender lamb chunks and lentils. Serve with whole wheat chapattis or nan.

Onion soup with Gruyère croutes

The secret of this rich, warming soup lies in the slow cooking of the onions and leeks, in just a...

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Beef olives

This updated version of a traditional recipe is ideal for entertaining. Slices of beef are wrapped around a mushroom stuffing...

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Braised Asian beef

Asian flavours are often associated with stir-fries, but as this delicious meal shows, they can be used to good effect...

Healthiest-ever Lasagna

Lasagna is everybody's favourite cold-weather meal, but it can be very high in fat, especially if store-bought. This version includes...