“I lost 60 pounds using fitness DVDs.”

A fitness-DVD workout five times a week had fantastic results for this mom of two

Source: Best Health Magazine, November/December 2008

How do you sculpt your muscles while dropping 60 excess pounds? Danielle Marshall of Mississauga, Ont., a stay-at-home mom with two young kids, wasn’t interested in going to the gym—for her, the key was her DVD player.

In addition to cutting back on calories, Marshall, 35, did her favourite kick-boxing/strength-training routines from Ultimate Body—Beginning Workouts for Weight Loss (Bodywisdom Media, $15) five times a week for 10 months.

“I tried other DVDs,” she says,“but I always came back to that one—it motivated me the most.”

Marshall would tuck her baby daughter in for a nap and then get exercising, with her four-year-old son sometimes joining in. Today, her trimmed figure is svelte and toned. She still uses the DVD a few times a week to help keep the weight off for good.

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