How you can do SUP yoga on land

No need for water; use the Indo Yoga Board and take your stand-up paddleboard yoga practice to land

How you can do SUP yoga on land

Source: Best Health magazine, January/February 2014

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) has exploded in popularity, and some people even do yoga on their boards while out on the lake. But what’s a girl to do when winter prohibits such workouts? Answer: the Indo Yoga Board. Designed by Hunter Joslin, Florida-based owner of Indo Board Balance Trainers (originally designed to train surfers out of the water), it takes SUP yoga to dry land. The six-foot-long, 15-inch-wide board resembles a stand-up paddleboard, but has four rockers on the bottom to provide instability’challenging you to engage your core and use more muscles. You can make it more difficult by adding three IndoFlo cushions (pictured, below). In Canada, you can buy it online at surf and SUP shops such as and We also found a similar product: the Ocean Yoga Board, not yet available for retail sale.

We think this kind of indoor balance board could be really big, and soon. YogaFit, a large international yoga training school, has announced it is partnering with Indo Board to create a certification program and classes.

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