What Does it Take to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle? A Nutritionist Reveals Her Secret

Being an holistic nutritionist has led Joy McCarthy to live, eat (literally!) and breathe a healthy lifestyle. Here she lets us in on the secret to her success.

Joy McCarthy

How Joy McCarthy maintains a healthy lifestyle

Holistic nutritionist, author and blogger Joy McCarthy took charge of her own ailing health in her youth by embracing a natural health lifestyle.

The motivation behind her healthy way of living

Listening to how her body reacts to food, and now, also because she wants to be a role model for her two-year-old daughter Vienna (“She loves vegetables, even red onion, because we eat them!”).

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Her wellness wisdom:

Try a workout that’s short and sweaty

“I used to love running and would go to the gym for an hour and a half. After my daughter was born, I started to live by my Google Calendar — and short workouts. I get up 30 minutes before my daughter to do yoga at home. My husband, Walker, and I take Vienna for a walk every day. And when I do get the chance, I go to my condo gym for a quick 20-minute workout.”

Always think fresh when it comes to your food 

“Grocery shopping at least once a week is mandatory. I usually have three meals in mind, and always buy extra protein for the freezer. I also keep it simple. For breakfast, everyone gets a smoothie. When we do eat out once a week for dinner — I love pizza! — we choose restaurants that use fresh ingredients and serve food that nourishes our bodies.” 

As for her success secret…

“I’m not afraid to eat healthy fat. Lots of it. I’ll plop two big scoops of coconut butter into my smoothie, and I’m generous with salad dressing. Fat is so important for feeling satiated, and for your health.”

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada