How to Become An Expert At Reading Your Heart Rate

Improve your workout by zeroing in on your ideal heart rate.

Heart Rate ZonesPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

The first step:

Subtract your age from 220 (e.g., If you’re 40, 220-40 = 180)

The second step:

Divide your beats per minute during a workout by the number from above (e.g., if your heart rate is 145, 145/180 = 80.5%)

Heart rate zones: 


This is moderate intensity, which can help with recovery or with improving endurance. Some refer to this as the fat-burning zone, because it causes your body to draw a larger portion of energy from fat than from carbs, but you’ll still burn fat during more intense exercise. Check out these 30 simple ways to burn fat fast.


Training in this zone will help to improve your performance, making your heart and muscles more efficient.


This is when your body moves from aerobic to anaerobic mode. You should be working at this intensity for short bursts when you’re doing high-intensity interval training. (This sports bra will help give your “girls”the support they deserve.) It can help you go faster or sustain a more intense exercise.

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada