How to Find Your Perfect Swimsuit

Consider these four factors when shopping for new swimwear.

Hitting the lake is one of the perks of summer living, made even better when you find a swimsuit that hits all the marks – chic, functional and comfortable – so you can focus on fun. Here’s what to look for to find your perfect swimsuit.


If you need support, look for a suit with some structure, like a bra­ cup-sized design that features underwire, extra banding or side panels. If you have a smaller bust you’d like to appear fuller, choose tops with extra fabric (like ruffles) or padding.


Gathered fabric (ruching) adds extra coverage, so you can feel comfortable in your swimsuit when you’re hunched over the cooler looking for another LaCroix (or one of these fruity drinks). Bonus: It safeguards against it getting transparent in the water.


If you want to enhance this area, look for a bold pattern. If you have a fuller booty, choose a solid bottom or one-piece. Also, look for bottoms with more fabric — nothing is more irritating than constantly tugging for more coverage.

Leg Holes

Look for wider leg holes — yes, there is such a thing! — so that your swimsuit fits more comfortably. Alternatively, if you want to elongate your legs, go for a higher-cut style.

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada