Cheryl Hickey on family, natural beauty and OURS skin care

Best Health sat down with TV personality Cheryl Hickey to talk about her latest venture: a line of family-friendly skin care products free of parabens, silicones and artificial fragrances

Cheryl Hickey on family, natural beauty and OURS skin care

BH:  Is there a story behind the name, OURS?
CH: It was born out of a brainstorming session with the team. We wanted something that included family and a name that really spoke to the fact the products are ethically-made in Canada. Husbands, boyfriends, you, your kids, everyone can use it. The entire line is good for everybody, so instead of 60 bottles in the shower, you can have the basics. This is the first time I’ve been able to put my name behind something and I’m really proud of it.

BH: You already have a bustling career with Entertainment Tonight Canada, so what made you want to develop skin care products?
CH: When I had my son I felt this immense responsibility and the need to do right by my family. We can’t all be organic and natural 100% of the time ‘ it’s just not realistic ‘ but I knew we could do better and doing better for your family should be affordable. I started researching and looking into what I could use on my son’and the frustration that came! The stuff that’s organic is very expensive, and the other stuff, I couldn’t understand what was in the bottle.

BH: What have you learned along the way?
CH: I’m not a chemist and I’m not going to pretend to be, but I’ve learned what you don’t want and what you do want in your products. You don’t want parabens, SLS, any carcinogens ‘ things that are harmful. I’ve been schooled, and it’s been really refreshing. I feel proud that we’ll be touching people’s lives and that hopefully it’ll be a legacy for my family.

BH: What is the overarching brand philosophy of OURS?
CH: Safe, healthy and honest for the entire family, and that includes the fact that making good choices for your family can be affordable. It shouldn’t be complicated to pick the basic things in life ‘ life is complicated enough.

BH: Some say ‘natural’ is a trend. What do you think, and how can your line continue to stand out?
CH: I think everyone has become a lot more health conscious. The consumer is smart. We try to figure out what’s in a product because we want to do better for our families. So I don’t think it’s a trend, I think people are just taking responsibility for their lives and they’re wanting to make good choices. If that’s a trend, bring it on. That’s a good thing.

BH: We know it’s probably hard to pick a favourite product, but if you had to choose’
CH: I love the ‘Anything Balm.’ I love to use it as a moisturizer, a cuticle cream and a balm to smooth rough patches. It really is a stand-out product.

OURS Anything Balm, $12