Chef Shares His Secrets On Building A Drool-Worthy Cheese Platter

Five steps to a perfectly curated cheeseboard.

cheese platter how-tophoto credit: Donna Griffith

Step 1: Mix it up!

Include three cheeses on your cheese platter, and make sure that the textures and flavours are varied. And you must have one that’s creamy and mild, such as Brie or Camembert; one that’s rich and pungent, such as mild blue cheese or ripe tomme; and one that’s sharp and salty, such as Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Step 2: Get garnishing

Creamy cheeses will pair well with nearly everything on your cheese platter, pungent cheeses pair well with sweet grape tomatoes and ripe strawberries, and salty cheeses offer a perfect contrast to sweet wines and fruits. But you can also deck out your cheeseboard with pickles (anything from classic gherkins to pickled onions) — the sweet, sour flavour and crunch will contrast nicely with the cheeses. Spiced nuts will add even more crunch to the board and bring out the nutty undertones that are part of the flavour profile for most cheeses, so use these as a finishing touch.

Step 3: Meat the board

Add some charcuterie-style meats to your cheese platter — their saltiness and richness will help stimulate your appetite. Prosciutto, salami and capicollo are go-to choices. Want salami, too? Try a game-based version — it is often denser and has a more complex flavour than other varieties.

Step 4: Bring on the bread

A freshly sliced baguette never disappoints. If you’d rather prep ahead, you can make crostini the morning of your soirée: Thinly slice a baguette, drizzle with olive oil and toast it in the oven. Include rice crackers, extra veggies and fruit, too. Don’t shy away from flavoured crackers but avoid ones that are too overwhelming — let cheese be the star. Try rosemary or savoury cranberry pecan crackers instead.

Step 5: Add the liquid assets

Go for sweet chutneys, such as fig and rhubarb. They’re sweet, tangy, a bit spicy and boldly familiar, which makes them the perfect partner for many styles of cheese. Balsamic-infused honey is a choice accompaniment as well. Savoury and spicy jams, such as caramelized onion, work, too. Keep small ramekins at the end of your cheese platter rather than drizzling them on top. Next, check out our best tips for eating healthy during the holidays.

Jay Nutt is the executive chef at Viamede Resort in Woodview, ON.

Originally Published in Best Health Canada