Best Health Magazine: November/December 2009

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Best Health Magazine: November/December 2009

New & Now

Are you drinking too many calories? ‘ Your essential daily stretch ‘ Coming soon: A new test to catch pancreatic cancer early ‘ Smart tips when adopting a pet ‘ A brain-boosting smoothie ‘ Best fast-food swap ‘ Which province has the most generous Canadians? ‘ The surprising health benefits of beer ‘ Healthier cheese-platter choices ‘ Eco-friendly beauty products ‘ Why these Quebec women love curling ‘ The latest research on family health ‘ When it’s okay to exercise if you’re sick ‘ Book picks ‘ One way to be prepared for unexpected guests ‘ ‘Green’ detergents that work ‘ What do men find most attractive about women?

Look Great

30 Tone and Recharge with Yoga
Try these eight moves at home to help you get toned and energized’just in time for the holidays.
34 Beauty Bar
Our makeup, hair and skincare picks.
37 Do You Make a Good First Impression?
Take our quiz and find out.
42 BH Science of Beauty
Skincare companies are now targeting menopausal women. How do the products work’and can they help you?
45 Girlfriend’s Guide: The New Shapewear
There are some innovative slimming undergarments on the market. Here’s a roundup.
48 The Big Squeeze
Writer Patricia Pearson tests the latest shapewear.
50 Staff-Tested: Cleansers
We tried a few for you.
52 Paradise, Home and Away
Two positively dreamy spas.
54 Gifts for Looking Great
Our picks for pretty presents under $100.

Get Healthy

58 10 Ways to Live Longer and Healthier
New research says living to a ripe old age is mostly up to you. Here’s what you can do.
62 What Works, What Doesn’t
We answer your health questions.
64 Be Good to Your Liver
How to keep this vital organ healthy.
66 Ease Your PMS
What drugstore remedies work for your symptoms?
68 Be Glad You Live in Canada
A writer who has lived in both the U.S. and Canada takes a look at the two approaches to health care.
70 Are Canadian Women Healthier than Americans?
We compared 11 key women’s health issues to find out.
72 Male Call
Share this research to help him quit smoking.
75 Hit the Courts!
Why badminton serves up a fun workout.
78 Gifts for Getting Healthy
Our picks for great gifts $100 and under.

Eat Well

84 A Taste of Sunshine
Why tropical fruits are so good for us.
86 Bake Up Healthy Treats
It is possible to add fibre and lower the fat content in cakes, squares and cookies. Check out our recipes. 
91 Extreme Makeover: School Nutrition
How teacher and chef Paul Finkelstein is changing the way students eat’and inspiring Canada’s educators to follow his lead.
94 Easy Appetizers
Three simple recipes for hassle-free entertaining.
99 The Truth About Artificial Sweeteners
Are they safe?
105 Canada’s Healthiest Restaurants
We highlight four across the country.
107 Quick Fixes
Delicious dishes you can make in about 30 minutes.
110 ‘Why Can’t I Lose Weight?’
Eight diet pitfalls, and how to avoid them.
112 Community Kitchen
Two readers share their favourite healthy recipes.
114 Gifts for Eating Well
Our cool picks for $100 and under.

Embrace Life

118 BH Inspiration
‘How Helping Out Helped Me’ Volunteering was a way for writer Rebecca Field Jager to cope when her marriage fell apart.
120 7 Ways to Make Sex Great Again
Rekindle the flame!
123 Ask a Sex Therapist
Psychologist Cheryl Fraser answers the question, ‘How do I know if he’s my soulmate?’
125 Words to Heal By
Why expressing yourself through writing can have a positive effect on your health and well-being.
130 Gifts for Embracing Life
Great picks for under $100.
134 Bonnie’s Best Health Minute
Our editor’s roundup of top tips.
136 My Healthy Life
How a professional ballerina keeps energized.

6 Editor’s Note
8 Community Centre
10 Web Editor’s Note
12 Letters
132 Shopping Guide

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