Coconut Kefir Is the Breakfast Food You’ve Been Looking For

This creamy superfood is a probiotic powerhouse! Plus, it’s so easy to make (we explain how).

the health benefits of coconut kefir breakfast foodphoto credit: shutterstock

What is coconut kefir?

Think of it as a cross between coconut milk, which it’s made from, and the creamiest, smoothest yogurt you’ve ever had. It’s a bit like your usual yogurt having a spring break fling with a piña colada. It’s creamy and coconutty, but best of all, it’s a powerhouse of probiotics. (Here’s the real deal on probiotics.)

Similar to yogurt, traditional kefir is a fermented milk beverage made using kefir grains. The grains are a culture comprised of polysaccharides, of which kefiran is one. The grains look a bit like overcooked rice, but are actually a collection of bacteria and yeast. Stay with me here: If this all sounds too much like a science project, that’s OK, there’s an easier way to make a kefir-like creamy milk using that probiotic you have tucked away in your fridge. Where traditional kefir is often made with cow, goat or sheep milk and the above-mentioned grains, you can make an equally gut-friendly, creamy version with a can of coconut milk and a couple of probiotic capsules. Try this easy recipe to make your own coconut kefir. 

The health benefits of coconut kefir

With a homemade coconut kefir, you get all the benefits of a fermented food without the digestive upset some people experience with dairy products. Coconut kefir is rich in probiotics that help refresh and replenish the microbiome, which is essential for immune health, digestion, clear complexion and weight management.

Your new fave breakfast

Enjoy your coconut kefir the same way you would eat yogurt. You can serve it up with fruit, top it with granola, add it to your smoothies or blend it with your favourite fruit and honey. You can even freeze it and make your own coconut ice cream treats.

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada