8 snacking strategies to control hunger

Choosing the wrong snacks, or snacking too often can derail your diet. Here’s how to snack smarter

8 snacking strategies to control hunger

Source: Adapted from Swap & Drop Diet, Best Health (Reader’s Digest Canada); Image credit: iStockphoto.com

1. Instead of buying snacks at a movie, hockey game or other event, chew a stick of sugar-free gum.

2. At parties, stand as far away as you can from the bowls of chips, dips and other munchies.

3. On car trips, plan ahead by bringing healthy snacks. If you have a tendency to munch in the car, bring just a single serving, not the whole box. Put the rest in the trunk.

4. Buy snacks in small packs. If you buy the whole jumbo size to save money, divide it into single-serving bags or containers as soon as you get home.

5. Put the healthiest snacks where you’ll see them when you open a kitchen cabinet or the refrigerator.

6. Don’t snack in your office (And definitely don’t keep bags of chips or pretzels in your desk drawer.) Go somewhere else’the kitchen, cafeteria, lounge or outside. That way you won’t associate your office with food.

7. At home, enjoy your snacks in the kitchen’and nowhere else.

8. Don’t eat to relax. Relax, then eat.

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