Eat your way to lower blood pressure (3/9)

Need to lower your blood pressure? Stock up on foods that take the pressure off, while skipping meals that could blow your gasket. Here's how

By Lesley Young

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Eat more: Dark chocolate (daily!)

Disease-fighting antioxidant compounds in cocoa also help regulate blood flow, researchers believe. Previous studies have indicated that high doses of cocoa can reduce blood pressure and boost mood in the short term. Yet a mere 6.3 grams of dark chocolate (just 30 calories) daily over a 4 1/2-month period was enough to reduce hypertension by 21 percent, according to a Journal of the American Medical Association study.

Watch your portions
Have just a small square of dark chocolate: It’s still high in calories and fat. Look for chocolate with 70 percent cocoa or higher; 99 percent offers maximum antioxidants.
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