Best Health Magazine: March/April 2012

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Best Health Magazine: March/April 2012

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What's the secret to staying young?
Learn about seven healthy habits that will help keep you young.

Organize your life
Find out which areas of your life are in need of a good spring cleaning — and how being more organized can actually make you healthier.

Are you sleep deprived?
Experts recommend you log an average of six to eight hours of sleep every night. Too little sleep can contribute to several health problems, including weight gain and depression. Take our quiz to find out how sleep deprived you are (plus, learn how to improve your sleep hygiene).

New & Now

Your essential daily stretch • The new Health Canada–approved ingredients for natural health products • Tips for how to brush your pet’s teeth • Organize your jewellery • An antioxidant-packed smoothie • Latest studies on family health • Are neti pots harmful? • How one woman became a dodgeball devotee • Our eco-friendly beauty picks • Behind the label of a familiar beauty brand: Vichy • Earth-friendly toilet paper • Cool sleep gizmos • Staff-tested gourmet nut oils • Three awesome freebies • How often do Canadians have sex?

Look Great

32 When Stars Go Out We asked 11 Canadian celebs for their secrets to getting ready for a night out.
BONUS: Learn about five Hollywood skin secrets.
38 Beauty Bar Our makeup, hair, fragrance and skincare picks.
39 A Seriously Strong Trend Our writer checked out some of the hottest new nail polish techniques and products.
BONUS: Find out how to stay healthy at the salon.
42 Perfect 10 Are your nails less than lovely? Try these fixes.
45 Staff-Tested Hair Products We gave some of the latest serums, 
volumizers and shine pastes a try.
48 Splashing Through Winter How swimming helps one woman stay toned. Plus, a roundup of pretty and sporty swimsuits.
BONUS: Get in shape with these 10-minute cardio workouts.
52 Help Me, Rhonda Beauty Editor Rhonda Rovan answers your questions. This issue: BB creams seem to be everywhere lately. What are they?

Get Healthy

56 Fast-Food Nutrition Revolution? Fast-food chains now offer 
nutritious options. Is it enough to stem our obesity epidemic?
BONUS: Check out Swap & Drop Diet in the Best Health store.
BONUS: Try these seven ways to make fast food healthier.
64 The Secret to Great Abs A personal trainer shares the keys to a 
flatter, leaner core.
BONUS: Find out which foods you should eat for a flat belly.
66 Menopause Driving You Crazy? One treatment does not fit all women: There are hormonal, naturopathic and holistic approaches. Which one is right for you?
70 It Worked For Me A reader shares how she has learned to cope with celiac disease.
74 Passionate and So Smart What’s it like to be a nurse today? Our writer spoke to three of them and found out.
78 What Works, What Doesn’t Answers to everyday health questions.

Eat Well

82 Great Grains Here’s why women should be having six to seven servings of grains per day. Plus, easy recipe ideas.
BONUS: Check out more healthy whole-grain recipes.
84 Baking With Veggies It’s a delicious way to get more of them into your meals. Here are five great recipes to try.
BONUS: Try these three tricks for healthier baking.
91 Quick Fixes Good-for-you suppers you can make in about 30 minutes.
BONUS: For more quick and healthy meal ideas visit our recipes section.
94 Community Kitchen A reader shares her recipe for Slow Cooker Chicken Chili.
96 Portion Checker How do various beverages stack up when it comes 
to fat, calories and protein?
98 Smart Sandwiches Three delicious must-try recipes from fresh-food chef Paul Finkelstein.
BONUS: Check out more of our best healthy sandwich recipes.

Embrace Life

106 Best Health Reader Survey We asked you to tell us everything from your favourite exercise to the movie star you most lust after. Here are 
the results.
110 Being Erin Canadian actress Erin Karpluk’s next chapter after starring 
in the hit show Being Erica.
114 Ask A Sex and Relationships Therapist This issue, Cheryl Fraser gives advice to a woman who doesn’t like that her husband watches porn.
117 Blogging for Dollars How four women turned their blogging hobby into successful careers.
126 Best Health Minute Our editor’s roundup of this issue’s top tips.
128 My Healthy Life Canadian Olympic gold medallist Tessa Bonhomme shares her healthy habits.

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