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Best Health on Canada AM

Lucky me: I got to hang out with the very handsome (and sweet!) Canada AM Western News Anchor, Omar Sachedina today. Naturally, we were talking about the fact that west is best, as far as healthy Canadian cities go. (Best Health ranked 20 cities from coast to coast, using data from Statistics Canada, the Canadian […]

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The Biggest Lunch Mistake You’re Making

Even if you were (or are) the master of the kids’ school lunches, you could probably still use some advice on packing your own midday meal. We asked Canadian dietitian Rose Reisman for her tips on making the ultimate grown-up lunch to go.


News: Women have some control over breast cancer risk

My mother has been urging me to go get a test that will tell me I carry a gene that puts me at risk for developing breast cancer. As I’ve written, I’m hesitant to find out if I have this breast cancer gene. What will it mean if I do? I play an anxiety-ridden waiting […]


Sweet Potato Salmon Cakes

Nutrient-dense sweet potato and salmon, two of nature’s greatest superfoods, combine with zesty onion and tangy fresh dill to create a tasty and healthy lunch or dinner entrée.


Mushroom and Winter Vegetable Soup

Cabbage and mushrooms, two nutrient-rich foods, team up in this hearty, healthy winter vegetarian soup that goes well with thin dark rye or pumpernickel toast.