The skinny on coffee creamers

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If you opt for powdered creamer in your coffee to save on calories, here’s some news that might give you a jolt.

In an article titled “Are you getting creamed?” in the April issue of Nutrition Action Healthletter, CSPI looked at some popular coffee creamers, and found that you may be getting “creamed” in the calorie department without even realizing it.

While the nutrition label on Coffee-mate, for example, may list 10 calories and 0.5 grams of saturated fat per teaspoon, CSPI looked at average serving sizes and found that you’re more likely to down 45 calories and three grams of saturated fat for every mug you drink. Think about how many cups of coffee you’ve already chugged this dreary Monday morning and do your own math – yikes! Even a tablespoon of half-and-half comes in at less!

The article lists your worst – and best – bets. While not all the products they list are available in Canada, the results are certainly as eye-opening as your morning dose of caffeine.