News: Victoria's Secret Angel drinks only protein shakes pre-show

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Ever dreamed of looking like a Victoria's Secret model? Don't feel too bad about the fact that you don't, since the pre-show diet can be summed up as two parts liquid, one part starvation.

Adriana Lima, a VS Angel since 2000, has gone on record telling the Telegraph exactly how she preps for the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show. Here are some details on her pre-show regimen: Since August, Lima has been fiercely working out with a personal trainer every day. Then with three weeks to go, she ramps up exercising to twice daily.

But that's just the beginning. The real countdown starts nine days before the runway show, when solids become off-limits. What is allowed? Protein shakes made with powdered egg, vitamins and supplements (presumably so she doesn't collapse down the runway under the weight of those angel wings).

Twelve hours to showtime, Lima swears off all liquids. "No liquids at all so you dry out, sometimes you can lose up to eight pounds just from that," she says. Wow, doesn't being a VS model sound like fun? What makes this news even more sad, however, is that the Victoria's Secret fashion show is thought to celebrate a curvier '80s silhouette.

While her preparatory measures are shocking, I'm even more shocked that Lima is being brutally honest about the extremes she willingly goes to as a VS Angel. Of course, no one believes she maintains her hip-to-waist ratio by eating Fritos and fast food, so at least she is coming clean.

Do you think Lima's diet sends an unhealthy message to women? Or do you commend her honesty?

-Marlene Rego, web editor,

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