News: Should schools ban Wi-Fi?

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News: Should schools ban Wi-Fi?

Parents are worried about the negative impact Wi-Fi in schools could be having on their children. In August we saw reports of a parents group in Barrie, Ont., that claimed the Wi-Fi in their children's schools was causing the kids to suffer symptoms such as dizziness and headaches. 

Now, a group of parents in Meaford, Ont., have voted to ban Wi-Fi in their children's school, reports the CBC. They made the vote after referring to studies by the Royal Society of Canada and LEX Scientific, an environmental consulting firm based in Guelph, Ont., which suggest that Wi-Fi exposure may be linked to negative health effects. Health Canada stands behind its assertions that Wi-Fi is safe for the public. Here's what parent Andrew Cooper told the CBC:

"I'm not sure what goes on there at Health Canada, but they should be paying attention to these studies because they must know they exist," he said. "Maybe they're tied to the industry too close, but meanwhile, we have kids in our school that are being exposed to this six hours a day, five days a week for 14 years. We have scientists telling us this is not safe."

Do you schools will bow to parental pressure and disconnect their Wi-Fi? Is this a positive move for kids or a step backward for technology in the classroom?

Not sure what to make of these Wi-Fi concerns? Check out our article which explores the question, Is Wi-Fi safe? from both sides of the argument.

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