News: How an app with hot guys in it is raising awareness for women's breast health

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News: How an app with hot guys in it is raising awareness for women

How often do you check your breasts for lumps, swelling or other unusual symptoms? If you're like me, probably not often enough. It's not something you think to do very often, and in light of the current mammogram guidelines (which do not recommend mammograms for women under 50), you may not think you need to.

But, Rethink Breast Cancer wants to remind women that regular self-checks are important. The Canadian breast cancer charity launched in 2001, and is devoted to bringing awareness to the under-40 crowd. So, just how do they expect to get your attention? By getting a good-looking, half-naked guy to remind you, of course!

The Your Man Reminder App is available for free download on iTunes or Android. The fun features include video messages from the hot men Rethink recruited to remind you to give your breasts some TLC (Touch, Look and Check), a calendar schedule you can program with alerts, as well as tips and education to help you reduce your risk of breast cancer.

The app is definitely cheeky, and while some people may criticize it for making light of a serious issue, I think it's effective.

Not convinced you need the app? Here's a taste of what you're missing.

How often do you do a breast self-exam? Would you use this app?

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