News: Blood donors can now be paid in Canada

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News: Blood donors can now be paid in Canada

Would you be more likely to donate blood if you got paid for it?

In Canada, now you can.

Two Canadian blood donation clinics, Plasma Resources and CanGene Plasma, are now offering compensation to those who are willing to donate, reports the CBC.

“We value your time. There are several ways we would like to show you how much we appreciate your continued generosity,” Plasma Resources website says.

Though this is good news for broke university students and those looking for a little extra cash, critics argue that it could result in people lying on screening tests—putting public health and safety at risk.

Canadians took to Twitter to show their displeasure at this legal, but controversial, move.

“UGH: Payment for blood donors comes to Canada,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Not happy to see this,” wrote another.

Despite worries, Canadian Plasma Resources ensures that they are reliable.

“[We have] an uncompromising commitment to quality and strict adherence to all regulations and guidelines governing plasma collection. Product quality and donor safety are our most important considerations,” their website says.

What do you think? Will compensation for blood donation save lives—or put more lives at risk?

-Katharine Watts, Associate Web Editor

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