News: Aerobic exercise best to lose belly fat

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News: Aerobic exercise best to lose belly fat

I've done countless sit-ups over the years, yet they never seem to have much effect on the way my stomach looks. But new research from the Duke University Medical Centre could help me achieve my flat belly—or at least reduce fat around my midsection.

The results of the eight-month study, published in the American Journal of Physiology, indicate aerobic exercise (such as jogging) is better than resistance training (such as weight lifting) for reducing belly fat.

According to, researchers looked at how these two types of exercise affected visceral and liver fat, which is located deep within the abdomen and fills the spaces between internal organs. This type of fat is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer.

On average, aerobic exercise burned 67 percent more calories than resistance training, and significantly reduced belly fat and its corresponding health risks.

By increasing my aerobic exercise and then toning with some strength training, perhaps next summer I'll have those abs I've always wanted.

Are you getting enough aerobic exercise with your workout?

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