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Links roundup: August 15

From the BBC, one writer is trying to spend an entire month without buying anything that is made of or packaged in plastic.

From Eat.Drink.Better, 5 ways to launch a local foods campaign in your community.

From The Walrus, an in-depth look at the health risks associated with cellphones.

From CBC, a look at toxic chemicals in common scented household products, such as air fresheners and dryer sheets.

From, what to look for when buying a treadmill.

From the San Francisco Chronicle, Marion Nestle discusses how to make pizza healthy. (Don't forget to check out our healthy pizza recipes.)

From Divine Caroline, 9 cold, hard weight loss truths.

From Diet Blog, how many calories does Michael Phelps eat every day? 

And from Lisa's Vegetarian Kitchen, a recipe for dumplings in blueberry sauce (yum!).




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