Trish Stratus needs no introduction. The fitness icon, actress and entrepreneur is recognized as one of the top sports entertainment athletes in the world through her achievements with WWE as a seven-time Women’s Champion.

But did you know she also owns the largest eco-friendly yoga studio in Canada, has a crush on Jim Carrey and has a baby on the way?

Learn a little bit more about her in this month’s installment of “It works for me.”

10 words that describe you: Driven, passionate, quirky, adventurous, optimist, goofball, nerd, athletic, yogi, soon-to-be mama.

First paid job: Serving donuts at Pete's Donuts.

Dream job:
I'm living it!

Favourite workout: My Stratusphere Yoga workout. It's strength training incorporated into a yoga flow. You get the best of both worlds.

Least-favourite workout:
Any dance-related workout. My coordination stinks!

Diet: Whole food diet, avoiding processed foods.

Go-to healthy snack:
Kale chips and nuts.

Favourite food indulgence:
Fish and chips.

Red or white wine?
Neither, I don't drink.

Coffee or tea? Tea.

Indoor or outdoor workouts? Both! New surroundings mean new workout challenges.

Morning or evening workouts? Any time my schedule permits.

Celeb crush: Jim Carrey

Dream travel destination: I travelled most of the world when I was on the road with WWE, as well as in 2008 when I filmed my travel show, but if I could choose one place to revisit it would be Java, Indonesia - it's so beautiful!

Healthy living philosophy:
Achieving wellness through balanced living - which is the motto of my brand, Stratupshere.