Fitness: The best way to burn fat over the holidays

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Fitness: The best way to burn fat over the holidays

Much like the rest of the world, I'll be on enjoying a delicious holiday meal and spending time with loved ones in the coming week. I plan to return to work in the new year refreshed and well-rested, but unfortunately, there's a possibility I may also be a couple pounds heavier.

Studies show that the average weight gain during the holidays is about two pounds. But is it possible to get through it all without gaining any weight? Yes! In addition to following some tips for mindful eating, I'll be taking some time to myself over the holidays to hit the gym for an aerobic workout or two. According to researchers at Duke University, aerobic exercise is the best form of activity to burn fat—even better than resistance training and a combination of both resistance training and aerobic exercise, reports.

Another bonus: Aerobic exercise is also said to be the best way to lose belly fat, burning, on average, 67 percent more calories than resistance training.

So if you're waistband starts to feel a little snug next week, head out for a run, or do some laps at your local indoor swimming pool.

How much weight do you expect to gain over the holidays? What will you do to stay fit?

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