Debate: Should bars have pregnancy test dispensers?

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Debate: Should bars have pregnancy test dispensers?

This fall, a campus pub at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ont. will become the first Canadian bar to install a pregnancy test dispenser. Healthy Brains for Children (an organization dedicated to preventing fetal alcohol spectrum disorder) is the group spearheading the initiative and has already installed several of the dispensers in bars across the U.S.

"I talk to devastated people all of the time," Marilyn Leiter, chair of the organization's Canadian chapter told the CBC. "Their children were born with a disability that could have been prevented...Test[ing]...before you drink could avoid all of this."

The tests will cost $3, and the hope is that women will be encouraged to take a test before consuming any alcohol.

What do you think about the initiative? Would you use a pregnancy test dispenser at a bar?

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