Meatless Monday: Tempeh Kebabs

I've always been curious to try tempeh, and what better chance to do just that than for one of my Meatless Monday recipes? I'm... Read more


News: Will Robert Munsch help destigmatize mental illness?

One in seven Canadians has identified symptoms of a mood disorder such as depression at some point in their life, according to the Read more

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New online: An interactive way to fight skin cancer

With temperatures on the rise, it's almost time to break out the summer wardrobe. But before you start lounging next to the pool in a bathing suit, spend some time on the 'net—or more accurately, on Developed... Read more


News: Are restaurants sharing too much information?

In an era of online calorie counters, Atkins diets and point values, choosing what to eat for dinner can be downright confusing. But it's not just a battle in your own kitchen—going out to eat can be just as daunting. These days, restaurants offer all... Read more

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News: Sugar really does help the medicine go down: study

Hello, my name is Jenn and I'm an emotional sugar-eater. It's true; I gravitate to sweet snacks when I feel upset and overtired. And as unhealthy as this little... Read more


News: Perfume chemicals stink: report

Like many women (and men as well), I give myself a spritz of perfume before I leave the house every day. I'll admit that I just feel prettier while wearing a hint of my favourite scent du jour. Well, according to a new report, I may also be dousing myself... Read more


Meatless Monday: The perfect Greek salad

What's more delicious than a Greek salad? Not much, if you ask me. So fresh and satisfying not just as a salad, but as a meal along with grilled or oven-warmed pitas—and even better, it's super easy to make. I like to make the "village salad" version,... Read more

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News: When are you too old for motherhood?

With Mother's Day just barely behind us and reproductive rights taking centre stage in the political arena, there is... Read more

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How Gwyneth Paltrow got in shape for Iron Man 2

I marked last week's International No Diet Day with a hard look at how I feel about my body shape—it's a love-hate relationship that really should lean more toward the... Read more

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News: This Mother's Day, celebrate the birth control pill

This coming Mother's Day marks the 50th... Read more