Honouring World Humanitarian Day

Today marks the second annual World Humanitarian Day, a day observed by the United Nations to hounour those who work to deliver aid and relieve suffering all over the world. The date commemorates... Read more


Events: What’s happening this week

If you happen to be in London, Vancouver, Pickering, Kelowna or Clairville this coming weekend, check out these healthy, fun and fit events.   Take your dog to Read more


Nutrition: A peach (or three!) a day…

Peaches have taken over my kitchen. Some sit along the edge of the counter to ripen, while others are perched on top of the bananas in the fruit bowl—plus there’s an untouched fresh basket in the cold cellar waiting for its chance to move upstairs.Why... Read more


News: Is Japan really home to the world's oldest people?

As the country with the longest life expectancy—with more than 40,000 inhabitants over the age of 100—it's no surprise that Japan is considered one of the healthiest places in the world. But a recent report in the Read more


Meatless Monday: Lime-Rub Grouper

I am a fan of fish—as long as it's not 'fishy' fish. It has to be mild-tasting or I just don't enjoy it. Plus, I really prefer it grilled, so even better to eat it in summer. One of those mild types of fish is grouper, and because it's a firm fish it's... Read more


The longest-lasting lipstain I've ever tried

Last week, I attended a media preview for Stila's upcoming Holiday 2010 collection (ah, the world of magazines— rarely do we get to live in the moment; I mean, come on! Holiday? It was 28°C outside that day, plus humidity!) Discordant weather issues... Read more


Events: Fitness events across Canada

If you're in Fredericton, Edmonton or Regina this coming week, check out these fitness events.Read more

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News: Spinal fluid test can predict Alzheimer's disease

What would you do if you knew that you would eventually become one of the half-a-million Canadians currently struggling with Alzheimer's disease (AD) or some form of dementia? What if you could predict it, years in advance? Researchers in Belgium have... Read more


News: Is obesity to blame for the early onset of puberty?

Puberty can be a difficult and confusing time for any young person—from the surging hormones to the feeling of being trapped in a rapidly changing and awkward body—but imagine having to wrap your head around it all at the age of seven.... Read more


Meatless Monday: Garden Bean & Basil Salad

You gotta love beans! Especially when they are so plentiful right now. A good way to use them up is to make a bean salad in a large... Read more