Links roundup: July 18

Some of my favourite stories from around the web this week:From the Office Diet, tips on taking care of your body at work.From Plenty Magazine, one rancher's story of making goat's milk ice cream.From FitSugar, 5 tips for applying sunscreen properly.From LivHealthy, some excellent reasons to be more active.From the Globe and Mail, a new […]

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New & Now: Canada limits caffeine in energy drinks

Want to know what happened in health headlines this week? Get all the hottest health and healthy-living news from around the web. Check back every Friday to find out what we’ve been buzzing about here at Best Health.Ottawa will cap caffeine in energy drinksHealth Canada has moved to put energy drinks in the ‘food’ category, […]


Dynamic Duos: 8 foods that are the perfect match

Researchers are continually finding that certain foods deliver an even bigger health boost when eaten together. Scientists call it food synergy; we call it a recipe for better health and tastier meals. Get more nutritional bang for your buck by teaming up these power couples.


Cauliflower with Crispy Crumbs

The crispy golden topping in this simple side dish is usually made by frying the breadcrumbs in a generous quantity of butter. This version of cauliflower with crispy crumbs uses a modest portion of olive oil and fresh herbs to flavour the topping.