Links roundup: August 15

From the BBC, one writer is trying to spend an entire month without buying anything that is made of or packaged in plastic.From Eat.Drink.Better, 5 ways to launch a local foods campaign in your community.From The Walrus, an in-depth look at the health risks associated with cellphones.From CBC, a look at toxic chemicals in common […]

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News: Muscle power in youth may predict life expectancy

There are obvious reasons why you should regularly strength train to build muscle: you’ll boost your metabolism and burn more calories, you’ll look more toned and weight training helps to strengthen your bones and fight osteoporosis.But there are some other, lesser-known reasons why it’s so beneficial. In a study of 44,000 men, researchers at Harvard […]


What product labels really mean

Think buying products labelled "all natural," "low fat" and "organic" means you’re eating healthily? Maybe not. We help you decode the terms on everyday food product labels to make your next trip to the grocery store easier