8 great things about yoga in the winter (1/9)

Trade your cosy sweater for spandex and hit the yoga studio - you'll be happy you did (even on the coldest day of the year). Here's why you should do yoga in the winter


A winter yoga practice

When it’s freezing outside, it can sometimes feel strange to don a tank top and hit the yoga studio. After all, yoga comes from the hot climes of India. Although this ancient form of exercise is very much an import, it’s still perfect for the dry, cold Canadian winter. Whether you’re taking a calming restorative class, a vigorous Ashtanga practice, sweating through hot yoga or just rolling out the mat at home, your body will thank you when you try yoga this winter. Here’s why.

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News: Obese woman gets her parking spot’and a lot of flack

Whether or not obesity is a moral issue or health condition is a hot-button topic among Canadian newsreaders today in response to a story about the Quebec Human Rights Commission ruling in favour of a morbidly obese woman who was denied a handicap parking space by her condo board. Marise Myrand, who has diabetes, uses […]

Links roundup: August 15

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Meatless Monday: Grilled Pizza

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