5 amazing Canadian yoga wear brands (that aren’t Lululemon)

Look great on and off the mat with these Canadian yoga brands



“You have extra large, honey; no one has extra large!” cried actress Yvette Nicole Brown when she first spied TerraFrog Clothing Corp’s Pop Bottle Hoodie. The curvy American actress, from TV’s Community, along with a number of other Hollywood types discovered the Alberta-based label when entrepreneurial sisters Cori and Bobbi Windsor attended an Emmy party last fall. Their success there further entrenched the five-year-old company’s unique appeal: great-fitting athletic clothes in all sizes.

The brand came about in 2007 when they spent a leave together—Cori was doing her master’s degree in nursing and Bobbi was on a maternity leave with her second child and doing her master’s in education. That’s when they realized they could not find good-quality, Canadian-made workout gear that covered their long arms and torsos (Cori, 42, is five foot nine, and Bobbi, 44, is six feet). Although they had no fashion experience, they started making drawings, sourcing fabrics—particularly eco-friendly ones like bamboo—and working with an experienced pattern maker to realize their ideas. A year later, they had their first line, made at factories in Alberta and Ontario, and started selling online. “We wanted to take it slow, get our feet wet,” says Cori. Soon retailers started contacting them, and TerraFrog is now sold in 25 stores across Canada and the U.S.

The company has stayed small with just the sisters and two full-time staff at the Sherwood Park, Alta., head office. The early designs were quite funky, but the sisters now stick to their top-selling basics: sturdy workout jackets, mid-rise bottoms and carefully fitted tanks. The brand’s most style-conscious item is the Frogaliscious Funky Back Tank, a long-waisted top with a limited-edition print back panel. A pink plaid version of the tank sold out in just 72 hours last year.

Pictured: Frogaliscious Bamboo Blend Cross Over Tank ($52); Frogaliscious Funky Back Tank ($59). Available at Terrafrog.

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