4 Canadian yoga adventures (4/5)

Stretch your muscles and your mind with one of these Canadian yoga adventures

yoga in the vineyard


For a more indulgent session, Yoga in the Vineyard, based in the Niagara wine region, offers one-hour classes in hatha or relaxation yoga among the pinot noir vines, followed by a winery tour, tasting and post-yoga lunch. Founder Alana Clark is working with five nearby wineries, and there are plans for it to expand.


“The response has been overwhelming,” says Clark. She says some people just want more from yoga.

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Middle Eastern kibbeh

Lebanese-style meatballs are great for a relaxed family supper. They’re made with lean ground lamb, bulgur, herbs and spices, then grilled on skewers and served in pita bread pouches with crisp salad.


A View From Nunavut. Day 7: Saying Goodbye

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Household plastic to be labelled dangerous substance

Today’s Globe and Mail reports that Health Canada will be the first regulatory body in the world to call bisphenol A (BPA)—a see-through, shatter-proof plastic found in sport water bottles and the lining of most tin cans—a dangerous substance. This designation could pave the way for the hormonally-active chemical to be listed as toxic under […]