3 Soothing Yoga Moves

Relieve stress and improve your mood with these soothing yoga poses

yoga pose

Find focus with yoga

Yoga may be more than 5,000 years old, but we’re just starting to discover all of its health benefits. Certainly, yoga tones and strengthens, but it can also help lower blood pressure and ease depression.

“Yoga helps to release tension in the mind and the body,” says René Johnson, a yoga instructor and owner of Shanti Yoga in Edmonton. “With deep rhythmic breathing, you can calm the mind, soothe the nervous system, increase blood circulation, reduce muscle tension and improve res­piration. By doing even just a few minutes of yoga a day, you will become more focused, grounded and centred.” The payoff, she adds, includes a calmer mind, a more positive attitude and greater productivity at work.

Try these three soothing moves, which you can do  in a series, or individually. “These postures will help you to invigorate the nervous system and stretch the body,” says Johnson.

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