Weight-loss workout plan: Lose 10 lbs in 6 weeks

Got a weight-loss goal? This calorie-burning workout can help

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Lose weight in 6 weeks

Ditch those last 10 pounds or kick-start a loftier weight-loss goal and get toned this year with our plan, designed exclusively for Best Health by Vancouver personal trainer Colin Westerman, owner of F.I.T. by Colin Personal Training. (As always, check with your doctor before starting a workout plan.)

This program’s Calorie Burn Circuits can burn between 200 and 370 calories. (*Calories burned are an approximate value based on a 150-lb. woman.) Remember that one pound equals 3,500 calories, so you’ll need to burn or eliminate 500 calories a day to lose one pound in a week—or just over 580 calories a day to lose 10 pounds in six weeks. Pair this workout with our healthy Weight-Loss Meal Plan—we’ve done all the calorie counts for you—to help you reach your goal.

These exercises are designed to amp up the burn and give you better results as the weeks go by. The winning formula: interval training, meaning you pick up the pace for short bouts, then recover. You zap away more calories in one workout this way than doing the same moves at a longer, more leisurely pace. “Interval training burns a lot of calories because you’re really challenging yourself,” says Westerman. “It’s extremely efficient.”

Remember, the key to losing weight is getting through the first couple of weeks. “This is the time when you’re developing the habit of exercise as part of your lifestyle,” says Westerman.

Get ready for a healthier, slimmer, more toned body.

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