The body weight workout

The latest exercise craze doesn't involve bells, whistles, flexy bands or any other special equipment. Instead, it uses you. Body weight training refers to exercises in which you use your body's weight as a tool for building strength. Here's a typical body weight training workout

plank exercise yoga


• While in the push-up position, move your right foot next to your left foot and straighten your body. This is the the plank position.
• Spread your fingers wide so your middle fingers are pointing forward. Your hands should be on the floor directly beneath your shoulders.
• Tuck in your tailbone so your legs, hips and torso form a straight line.
• Push the crown of your head forward, tuck your toes and press your heels back, stretching down the entire length of the back of your body.
• Hold this position, breathing deeply, for as long as you are able to without straining yourself. Work up to 2 minutes.

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