A workout to slim down and tone up

Get ready to jump! This quick, timed workout is an easy way to blast calories

A workout to slim down and tone up

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The strength exercises in this workout will target the arms, abs and glutes, while the cardio component blasts calories. Since the focus is on cardio, it’s a quick, high intensity workout.

How it Works:

Do each of the six exercises for 30, 60 or 90 seconds. Take a quick sip of water and go right into the second set, repeating each of the six exercises again. The length of each move becomes longer and more challenging so remember to go at your own pace.


Timer (clock, stopwatch)

Amanda Russell is a fitness expert, professional keynote speaker, Olympic-trained athlete, and founder of The AR Program. She can be found writing about life, fitness, wellness and change on her website, www.amanda-russell.com, and regularly posts new workout videos at AmandaRussell.TV.

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