10-Minute Tuneups: Resistance band workout video

This workout requires minimal equipment and will tone your entire body

Workout by Amanda Vogel; Video by Resolve Films

10-Minute Tuneups: Resistance band workout video

Resistance bands are portable and easy to store, and let you work your muscles from different angles. That means a more toned look overall.

The thicker the band, the more resistance it provides, so choose one that feels challenging to pull but not like you’re straining, which can hamper your range of motion and ruin your form. You can up the intensity of these exercises by shortening the band; to do so, wrap the ends loosely around each hand.

Ideally, we should all be getting 30 minutes of fitness daily. But when time is tight, doing 10 minutes a day when you can fit it in makes a difference.

Amanda Vogel is a fitness expert based in Vancouver and a regular contributor to Best Health.

This workout is demonstrated by Lauren Dickenson, a yoga instructor and Oakley brand ambassador. She wears the following (all Oakley): Cool Down Two Jacket, nylon/polyester/spandex, $100; Spirit Tank, polyester/cotton, $30; NIght Nova Capris, polyester/spandex, $80

Best Health magazine, March/April 2014; Image by Michael Alberstat

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