10-Minute Tuneups: 5 moves for great abs (1/6)

A toned tummy not only looks amazing, but also provides important stability for your back

ab workout

Get a toned tummy

There’s no question a toned tummy looks awesome, but having strong abs also provides important physical bene­fits. If your abdominal, lower back and oblique muscles are all strong, you will be less likely to have low-back issues. Plus, a strong core means your posture will improve, and you’ll even look more confident. Of course, ab-specific moves are a key component of a well-rounded exercise program, but crunches alone won’t get you great abs. So include some cardio—jumping rope is a great calorie burner (350 in half an hour).

Ideally we should be getting 30 minutes of fitness a day. But when time is tight, doing one of our 10-Minute Tuneups whenever you can fit it in can make a significant difference. Just getting into fitness? You can start with the lower-impact Easier Options. If you do those, gradually introduce the tougher moves until you’re no longer doing the easier option. And, as always, check with your doctor before starting a workout plan.

1. Warm-up: 1 minute
Do gentle jumping jacks. Or simply march briskly in place while swinging arms to shoulder height.

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